Revised Wolves Camp Info

With the exciting news of the Wolves North American Academy on its way here to Winnipeg, we at PTSC are offering the camp to the next 50 players to sign up, for ONLY $20! PTSC is proud to bring this amazing opportunity here to the players and want a chance for all to be in front of scouts at an affordable price.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of this awesome opportunity, please e-mail with the players:




Club/team info

Payment of $20 will be taken on the first day of camp.

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Please see the advertisement below for the new and upcoming outdoor league run by Canlan. If you are interested in registering with PTSC to be placed on a team for this new league, please contact us at

We are also offering training opportunities for those who would like to train under the PTSC banner. Please contact us at for information in regards to this training opportunity.

Click the link below for more information!


Canlan Youth League Information